Rosé season, all year long!

Hi friends! Well, it's nearly Thanksgiving, and still Wine Therapy is trucking along. In true Santa Barbara fashion, it is still sunny and 75 nearly everyday, so it doesn't really feel like fall. Boomer and I had to scramble to keep rosé stocked because I'm certainly not ready to admit summer is over and change up my wine drinking habits! 

If you haven't visited Therapy lately, almost everything looks a little different! We rearranged all the furniture, made new menu chalkboards, and debuted the Santa Barbara Drinking Club. We also wrangled some talented friends to start making meat and cheese plates for us, so we have nibbles! Boomer is super excited about this because he has more opportunities to steal crackers. Everyday when we get to Therapy he immediately runs to where I store the cracker boxes. He's no fool!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with friends and family. We will be open early/late to accommodate everyone shopping at Paseo Nuevo across the street. I know I enjoy shopping more when I have a buzz on! And I obviously make great choices! And you will too!