Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear

And so it begins: I find myself designing my first ever webpage (it'll get better, I swear!) on my first day of self-employment. After watching my grandparents struggle to retire after owning their own businesses, I always swore I would never own my own, and yet here I am. When I approached my parents about this idea of opening a tasting room featuring local wine, which entailed me quitting my fairly lucrative job in the dental industry, I expected them to tell me I was crazy and to calm down. Instead, they told me I was young enough to take the risk, and that if I failed, I have enough connections and experience to get back on my feet fairly quickly. But imagine if I built something for myself! I was prepared with a hundred reasons to convince them that I should do this crazy thing, but confronted with their unconditional support, I found myself playing the devil's advocate: I gave all the reasons why I shouldn't! Luckily, my parents recognized that this is just my contrarian nature, and so here we are. I am daunted by this task I have set out; my to-do list has never been longer. But imagine if I build something for myself!