One step at a time

Things are happening! The lease is officially signed (you may have noticed I added an address: 732 State St!) and I'm just waiting for some paperwork to go through to be able to post our intention to get a beer and wine license in the window of the space. I spent a lot of time this weekend looking for furniture and worrying about design. Putting a business together has been like a crash course in so many different areas: design, accounting, real estate law, business law, zoning and licensing, and the list goes on. I've always described myself as a generalist, not a specialist, so this is a perfect fit. For the record, this is what makes me good at trivia nights, if you are ever putting a team together! :) 

The countdown has started and I'm aiming for a June 15th opening, although it's completely contingent on bureaucratic hoop jumping and my ability to multi-task. Keep those fingers crossed for me, and I will treat you to a wine tasting later! xox