Impatient Downtown

It has been over a month since my last blog post, and oh what a month! June 1st the previous tenants moved out of 732, and SURPRISE!!!, I got to take possession. If you have been downtown, you've seen my notice of application for a beer and wine license in the window, and not much else since I put butcher paper in the windows. Nothing super exciting is happening in there right now, short of me oh so slowly moving in furniture one carload at a time, but I don't want anyone to see the interior until it is 100%. I have been hitting garage sales on Saturday mornings for the last three months, and I think it's going to look pretty cool and eclectic, but who knows? I may scrap most of it and end up paying retail for a bunch of new furniture (but let's hope not!!!). 

My weekdays are still full of wine and beer, but more in town lately. I'm still trying to sneak up the hill to Santa Ynez as often as possible, but now that I have 732, I find myself getting most of my work done in town. I don't have internet yet (they install next week), so I am often on my laptop at the Starbucks on the corner or McConnells two doors down. 

I am so anxious to get the doors open, and I feel like this is just a big waiting game (for permits and licenses to come back), and I was never very good at waiting. Don't get me wrong, there is SO MUCH for me to get done while I wait. Maybe this experience will make me a more patient person? If not, I can always rely on a little wine therapy to calm me down. :)