Summer day, drifting away

Well, it has been a while since I was able to blog. The short version: rush to open, Fiesta weekend, long hours, great wine, learning about beer systems, and a lot of support from friends.

Here's the long version:

We opened July 26th, with much help from friends. Literally minutes before open, you would not have guessed we were going to open! Despite a few hiccups (the glasses almost didn't arrive, the sink stoppers were the wrong size), we opened on time and our friends and family came out to support. I could not have made it through that week without my friends; they walked Boomer, fed me, and did all the things I didn't have enough hands to do. Special thanks to Annie and Jorden, who thankfully were out of school and were able to give me 24/7 help. And Brian, who is the handyman/personal assistant I never knew I needed (but totally do!)

With a week under our belts, we went into Fiesta. Once again, friends showed up to man the beer garden, check IDs, pour wine, and keep me sane! It was exciting to be in the middle of the Fiesta-tivities, but also very stressful. I wanted to maintain the integrity of my adorable wine bar (and it is adorable, and getting better everyday, not to brag or anything!), but also host a great Fiesta party. Having the back patio as a Mexican beer garden and the inside as the coolest new place in town (okay, that was a little braggy) was a good balance. That's not to say that both of them (and I) didn't end up covered in confetti! 

So I survived Fiesta. What next? Rewriting the menu, revamping the flights, and generally trying to improve the Therapy experience. There have been a lot of improvements. Neil made some amazing signs for the front windows. We're nowhere near done making changes. Back in my Starbucks days, I had a regional manager who said that we vibrated along, making little changes that added up. Everyday I aspire to make the right changes. 

August ended; now we're in September. Labor Day weekend was busy (and fun, since we had our first live music Friday and my hometown friends came up to visit). I hope that we've made enough of an impression on our local wine drinkers to keep us trucking along as the tourists trickle off. For all the braggy bragging, I genuinely hope people are enjoying Wine Therapy, and continue to visit us (and bring their friends). 

I've lost 15 pounds in the last two months, and yesterday was the first full day I've taken off. Worth it? Totally. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and I have plenty of passion left in me! And thanks to some great friends, this is a team sport!